College Leadership Team

Picture of Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy


Mark has been an educator in Catholic Schools for 33 years. The last 20 of which have been spent exclusively in Catholic boys educational settings. During this time he has held positions of leadership in a number of schools in student wellbeing, Teaching and Learning and faith leadership. Mark has also been an active member of the broader educational community where he has presented at numerous conferences particularly in the area of Boys Education and he is currently the President of the Principal’s Association of Victoria Catholic Secondary Schools.

As Principal of a Marist school Mark has a strong commitment to the Charism and educational philosophy of St. Marcellin Champagnat as a gift which supports young men as they grow in their Catholic faith.

As a father of five children, Mark is very aware of the importance of school/family partnerships in supporting boys to reach their full potential.

Mark has qualifications in Education, Arts, Theology and Student Wellbeing and he has completed a Master in School Leadership. In 2015 he completed his Master of Business Administration (Executive) from the Australian Catholic University. Mark is currently engaged in studying a Master of Theology.

Contact number: +61 3 9851 1541

Picture of Adriano Di Prato

Adriano Di Prato

Deputy Principal

Adriano has extensive educational leadership experience having worked at a variety of Catholic secondary schools throughout metropolitan Melbourne over the past 20 years. During this time he has held significant positions of leadership in the areas of Head of Campus, College Timetabler, Year Level Coordinator and Head of Visual Arts. Adriano has also taught English communication in Nagoya, Japan.

Adriano possess vast administrative experience, strong organizational skills and a clear capacity to think creatively and respond to the challenges of developing a culture of performance in the contemporary climate of transformation in the 21st Century.
As a Deputy Principal in a Marist school Adriano is a committed Catholic who believes that at the core of leadership is service, inspired by the model of Jesus and St. Marcellin Champagnat. He provides all young people opportunities to develop a sound foundation for their future, personal growth and excellence in all they do. Adriano is a passionate VCE Visual Communication Design teacher who is committed to assisting all learners discover their possibility.

In 2015, Adriano was also delighted to become a member of the Marist Association of Saint Marcellin Champagnat. At the beginning of 2017 he completed a Graduate Certificate in the Management of Not-for-Profit Organisations from the Australian Catholic University. Adriano has qualifications in Education, Design and he has completed a Master in School Leadership from the University of Melbourne.  In 2017 he also completed a Theology Unit at the ACU Centre in Rome. Adriano is also a member of the Australian College of Educators (MACE).

Adriano was the President of the Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals Association (VCSSDPA) over the past three years. He continues to support the association by managing their social media and website communications. Adriano was on the VCSSDPA Executive for the past 10 years.

Contact number: +61 3 9851 1540

Picture of Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)

Carolyn’s experience of the Marist charism began during her time as a student at Sale Catholic College, a Marist – Sion school. Since that time, Carolyn has worked at Assumption College, a Marist school, in a variety of leadership roles, and at Our Lady of Sion College, a Sionian school, as Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission. Carolyn has also been privileged to serve on the Marist Southern Province Provincial Council and the Champagnat Education Animation Committee. These roles saw Carolyn develop a broad understaning of Marist minitries, as well as design and facilitate professional learning opportunities for staff in Marist schools across Australia.

Carolyn firmly believes that the Catholic ethos of Catholic schools must be a lived experience for all members of our community. Carolyn is committed to supporting students and staff to embrace the Marist charism and allowing it to enliven the ways we enable others to know and love Christ. The Marist commitment to educating the whole person, by valuing and nurturing the inherent potential and gifts of each individual in a family environment, is something that strongly resonates with Carolyn’s educational philosophy. As well as a personal engagement with the Marist charism, Carolyn brings to our College qualifications in leadership, religious education and literature (Master of Educational Leadership, Master of Religious Education, Grad. Dip Ed.(Sec),BA Hons – English).

Contact Number +61 3 9851 1540

Picture of Phil Tankey

Phil Tankey

Business Manager

Phil joined Marcellin in 2015. His role oversees the Financial and Facilities aspects of the College in addition to Information Technology and Marketing. He also leads the Master Planning of the Bulleen campus. Phil has extensive experience as a Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary within the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector in Community Services Organisations primarily in Aged Care, Disability, Education and Employment Services.

Phil is an Old Collegian of Marcellin and has a particular interest in governance, long term financial sustainability and people reaching their potential. Phil has also worked with a global consulting firm both in Australia and overseas prior to a career with multinational companies as a Chief Financial Officer. He also established his own consultancy business providing business planning and governance support to NFPs and private businesses. His Community Services experience includes involvement as Treasurer of a Pre-school and an RSL Social Sporting Club.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (FCA) and an Associate Member of the Institute of Community Directors Australia (AMICDA). Phil has also been recently appointed to the Committee of Catholic Education Business Administrators (CEBA).

Contact number: +61 3 9851 1589

Picture of Nicholas Moloney

Nicholas Moloney

Assistant Principal (Staff & Strategy)

Nicholas has been a teacher at Marcellin for over twenty five years, in addition to being and Old Collegian. He has held a range of leadership positions including many years as a House Coordinator, Mathematics Learning Leader and Assistant Principal (Operations). Nicholas has been involved in many facets of the College community  and has a passion for implementing programs in support of staff wellbeing. He is a member of the Victoria Catholic Secondary School Deputy Principal's Association and is their current treasurer. 

Nicholas has a strong conviction to the Marist Charism and values the opportunity to teach and guide young people. He believes that faith needs to be lived and is an outward gift he can give to others in his daily encounters. He was honoured to become a member of the Marist Association of Saint Marcellin Champagnat in 2016.

Nicholas has a Bachelor of Education, a Post Graduate in Educational Leadership and a Master in Educational Leadership (Numeracy) from Monash University.

Contact number: +61 3 9851 1540

Picture of Sarah Pyle

Sarah Pyle

Assistant Principal Students (Years 7 -9)

For the past 16 years Sarah has worked in education both in Australia and overseas. She has held a range of leadership positions in the areas of curriculum and wellbeing which include Director of Music, Head of Performing Arts, House Leader and Head of Senior School. 

Sarah has taught in the state school system in Queensland and the United Kingdom as well as the International School system in The United Arab Emirates. While she has taught across a number of systems she believes firmly in the Catholic Ethos of the College and the Marist charism that underpins all that happens at Marcellin. She believes that every student should have a chance to encounter their faith in a real and lived way and has participated in numerous social justice programs within Redden House and the wider school community.

Sarah has a Bachelors degree in Education and Music as well as a Masters in Education (International).

Contact number: + 61 3 9851 1556

Picture of Melissa Mackellin

Melissa Mackellin

Assistant Principal - Students (Years 10-12)

Melissa has been a member of the Marcellin College community for over 13 years, working collaboratively with the learning and wellbeing teams in support of our young men and their development. Passionate about boys education, Melissa is committed to providing an environment which challenges, inspires and empowers young people to strive for personal greatness.

Melissa has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Teaching (Primary/Secondary) and Master of Leadership with the Australian Catholic University. A life-long learner, she has also participated in the International Senior Leaders Program and completed a number of leadership courses with the CEM. Having held previous roles as Transition Coordinator and Head of Junior School, Melissa knows the importance of walking with young people as they discover who they are and their place in our world.

Driven by her strong faith, Melissa believes in the inherent dignity of each individual and the collective efficacy of an empowered team. She feels privileged to work with dedicated staff who are guided by the Marist characteristics in their pursuit of excellence for all in the Marcellin community.

Contact number: + 61 3 9851 1570

Picture of Jill Fitzsimons

Jill Fitzsimons

Director of Professional Learning & Partnerships

Jill collaboratively leads the direction of our professional development program; a role which calls for a deep interest in the development of staff and student learning in a community underpinned by faith and the possession of strong academic qualifications. She is an experienced educator and leader in Catholic education, having worked in co-educational and single-sex Catholic schools since 1996.

Prior to her role at Marcellin, Jill was Curriculum Leader at St Columba’s College and English Learning Leader at Whitefriars College. She is a respected VCE English teacher and has also taught at Genazzano FCJ College and Loreto Mandeville Hall. Her students have consistently achieved outstanding results, including a Victorian Premier’s Award. Jill has worked for VCAA marking the VCE English examination and GAT and writes practice exams and presents workshops for VATE. She is the author of a number of published study guides and can be heard regularly on ‘Sunday School’ with Libbi Gorr on ABC Radio Melbourne sharing her insights into how to be successful at VCE level.

New to the College in 2019, Jill is excited by the opportunity the role offers to develop external partnerships for the benefit of our teaching and learning program, having already established a number of successful professional learning networks and partnerships within the secondary and tertiary sectors and Victorian arts community.

As a mother of three, Jill understands the trust parents have placed in Marcellin to give their boys the opportunity to grow and flourish, and to ensure the professional learning program supports this trust. As a Catholic, Jill is inspired by the example of Jesus and the charism of St Marcellin Champagnat to recognise the other, and to make the experience of God a reality.

Jill’s academic qualifications include a BA; GradDipEd (Sec); GradCert (RE) and Masters of Ed (Leadership). Jill is a member of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders.

Contact number: + 61 3 9851 1467

Picture of Robert Aston

Robert Aston

Robert Aston - Director of Operations

Robert oversees the operational requirements of the College. This has a holistic focus on improving the operational processes and practices as well as managing the day to day operations of the College. He has been an educator in the Catholic sector for over a decade and has a wealth of experience as Religious Education and Science practitioner.

Robert is a passionate educator that seeks to foster innovative learning practices for his students and colleagues. Love of work is a Marist characteristic that Robert endeavours to instil in others. As a Catholic educator, Faith is a central component of his pedagogical practices, striving to live out the mission of the Church in the way of Mary.

Robert has a Bachelor of Biological Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education and is currently completing a Masters of Educational Leadership (Leading Learning) from the Australian Catholic University. Robert is a member of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders

Contact number: + 61 3 9851 1467

Picture of Benjamin Bugeja

Benjamin Bugeja

Director of Community Engagement and Marketing

Benjamin is a creative at heart. Having worked in Design and Communication for 10 years, his journey has taken him around the world, most recently to a Marist school in Johannesburg, South Africa. Initially upon being a recepient of the Marcellin Champagnat award. Benjamin decided to remain in South Africe for an additional two years and it is there, working with refugee children in an educational bridging program called Three2Six, that sparked his passion for philanthropy and people. As an old collegian of Marcellin College, the Marist charisms have always been present in his actions and endeavours with a strong sense of social justice. Benjamin believes firmly that 'if we can, we should', regarding altruistic behaviour and coming to the aid of those who need it most. He continues to assist projects around the world by offering probono marketing and design services.

Benjamin is a passionate photographer and thus an avid story teller, having worked on educational campaigns for many years, he brings a particular skill set to the College that will help enhance the image of Marcellin and continue to tell the incredible stories of students, staff and families within the wider Marcellin Community. With a BA of Creative Arts (Visual Communication Design) WD and an advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. He is passionate about the psychology of Design Thinking and challenging preconceived ideas of what Education should look like.

Contact number: +61 3 9851 1552

Picture of Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan

Head of Learning (Years 7 - 9)

Liz has a passion for working in boys’ education and is appreciative of working in a Marist learning community that supports students and staff to live out their faith. She has been at Marcellin since 2011. Liz believes learning should offer young men the opportunity to develop their full potential and equip them with the skills necessary to navigate the impact they will make in the world. She has experience leading in both wellbeing and learning spheres through the roles of House Leader and English Learning Leader for 14 years and is committed to the development of the whole person.

Liz has been involved in the creation of learning opportunities and programs that support student choice and connect to our wider world. She enjoys working collaboratively with staff and families to support young people to grow and develop as they strive for their highest.

Liz has studied a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a Grad Diploma of Teaching and Graduate Certificate of Religious Education from Australian Catholic University. She also has a Masters of Education (Wellbeing) from the University of Melbourne. In 2019 she completed the International Senior Leaders Course (ILMP).

Contact number +61 3 9851 1556

Picture of Kalli Koniaras

Kalli Koniaras

Head of Learning (Years 10 -12)

Kalli has been a dynamic educator and leader within the Catholic sector for 15 years. During her tenure at Marcellin College, she has contributed to the development of learning programs in the capacity of classroom teacher, Science Learning Leader and currently holds the senior leadership position of Head of Learning (10 – 12). A key focus for Kalli has been the desire to develop engaging learning programs that are personalised, rigorous and relevant for all students.

Kalli has led the development of many learning initiatives during her time at Marcellin and strongly believes that Catholic education provides the best and most comprehensive opportunities for the education of young adults. Throughout her teaching career she has completed relevant professional learning to support her own growth as a faith educator and has also been actively engaged in ministry programs that support the faith development of her students.  

Kalli has a passion for Science and prior to working in education, she was a Research Scientist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute.  During this time, she conducted research aimed at the design of new anti-cancer therapies and also presented her research findings at scientific forums. During this time Kalli had opportunity to teach visiting high school students, and graduate students who worked in the laboratory. She also worked at the Gene Technology Access Centre at The University High School, where she conducted DNA technology workshops to support School Assessed Coursework (SAC) for Unit 4 Biology students. These collective experiences highlighted her desire to teach young people and facilitated her transition into the teaching profession.

Kalli’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Graduate Diploma in Drug Evaluation and Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Most recently she has completed the International Leadership and Management Program (ILMP) for Senior Leaders.

Contact number: + 61 3 9851 1570