There have been many achievements this term and I continue to be impressed with the Marcellin College community.  I have been impressed with our students – as a new member of the Marcellin family I am often greeted with a cheerful hello from our students and this has extended to parents during my walk arounds on the Parent-Student-Teacher meetings.  My thanks to all for your warm welcome and I look forward to Term 2.

It was wonderful to gather in St Marcellin’s Hall yesterday as a whole College community for the first time this year. We came together to celebrate an Easter Liturgy and share the Easter message. I appreciated our students and their creative presentation of the story of Jesus’ Passion.  Through word, action and song our students highlighted, for all present, the extent of God’s love for humanity demonstrated in Jesus’ sacrifice.

The liturgy was concluded by James Davies, our Faith and Service Captain, with a reflection that highlighted the importance of placing others before ourselves.

“We are all on life’s journey together. We must support one another. We must encourage each other to embrace the gift of life, and we must have the courage, grace and wisdom to own our poor choices and do what we can to better support others the next time.

Just as Jesus shared God’s love in our world and forgave those who persecuted him, we must share God’s love in our world by forgiving others when they let us down, and by choosing to remember God’s love for us, revealed in all that we are blest with – the people who support us and the opportunities we have. By choosing this mindset, we embrace the hope of a better future.

This Easter, may we truly recognise that God loves us and is with us – that we never walk alone.”

I wish our community a joyous Easter full of the hope that comes from the resurrection. 

Happy Easter!