Last week I attended the opening night of the M² Production, “War of the Worlds”. OLMC and Marcellin College have worked together over the years to celebrate The Arts through our annual production and it was with relief and anticipation that we once again welcomed students, staff and families to the OLMC Mercedes Hogan Theatre to enjoy live performances. As we began planning for “War of the Worlds”, we did so with an understanding that COVID-19 could impact on the performance and how it could be viewed. My sincere congratulations to our Director – Michelle Abrahmsen-Bellis, Producer – Philip Watkins, OLMC Liaison – Hayley Gamble-Curran and the staff and students of Marcellin College and OLMC for coming together and taking a risk – it was worth it!! I thank Judith Weir and the staff at OLMC for hosting the event and for continuing to support our two Colleges working together. 

As we head into the weekend, I encourage our community to reflect on the importance of The Arts and the impact it can have on our lives. Art can serve as a means to re-envision and re-translate our Catholic and Marist story.  You only need to spend some time at our College to understand the importance of art and how it can add to our story of faith. Art can make space for listening, searching, and expressing. In this space, we can imagine and reimagine the wonderful Christian story. It can give us hope. 

Prayer for Artists
Bless the creators, O God of creation,
who by their gifts make the world a more joyful and beautiful realm.
Through their labours they teach us to see more clearly the truth around us.
In their inspiration they call forth wonder and awe in our own living.
In their hope and vision they remind us that life is holy.
Bless all who create in your image, O God of creation.
Pour your Spirit upon them that their hearts may sing and their works be fulfilling.

Thanks be to (this creative) God.