Dear members of the Marcellin College Community,

I appreciated Mr Moloney’s contribution on Shrove Tuesday – he cooked pancakes at lunch for those of us on site. Later that night I was again eating pancakes as I sat with my family and we chatted about our day and shared our experiences and understanding of Shrove Tuesday.  The word `shrove’ comes from `shrive’, which means to absolve.  Shrove Tuesday is a time to reset and commence our preparations for the Lenten journey that begins on Ash Wednesday.  For 40 days, Christians take time to reflect and prepare for the celebration and joy of Easter.   

Like our Year 7 students and all those new to our community, I am still finding my way around the corridors and rooms of Marcellin College.  As I walk around the grounds on the weekend, I see the work and commitment of many generations of Brothers, staff, students and parents and carers.  This is especially significant to me during this Lenten season, as I take stock of who I am and renew my desire for a closer relationship with Christ. As a College, we strive to develop good Christians and good citizens.  This is particularly resonating with me during Lent as we ask, “How are you encountering the risen Christ this Easter season?”


There was some relief as we welcomed our young men back to the College today.  As I walked around, I watched as students interacted with each other – the masks were a visible sign of where we are at with this pandemic and I look forward to our next steps as the vaccine begins to work its way through our community.  Please ensure that your son has a clean mask each day and that if he should experience any COVID-19 symptoms he self-isolates and has a COVID-19 test.

We will continue to provide regular updates when changes occur.  


We are currently making changes to our MyMC platform and this will eventually become our key area for communication. This will impact on how we share information.  As a result, our College newsletter will undergo some changes as we introduce changes to MyMC and introduce a MyMC App.