Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

Last Wednesday evening our College community gathered at the Spiritual home of the Catholic Church in Melbourne, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, to welcome and officially induct all those students new to our College for 2014. It was an occasion too where we celebrated our identity as a Catholic Marist School for boys. As I stood with Br. Harry Prout, representative of the Marist brothers and welcomed each of the smiling, enthusiastic and proud students I reflected on what it means to be part of our College Community and the many benefits and blessings belonging to the Marcellin College family provides to those who choose to come here.

To truly understand what it means to be a part of the Marcellin College Community we need look no further than our College Vision Statement.

Marcellin College is a Catholic Marist boys’ school that is the centre of a community of learning, life and faith. In partnership with families, we nurture our students as they grow from boys to fine young men.
We bring the Marist charism to all members of our community through the teachings of St. Marcellin Champagnat and the Gospel. We are a community where Jesus is known and loved, where each boy belongs and the dignity of all is respected.

We empower young people to embrace all opportunities spiritually, academically, physically, culturally and socially with determination to strive for the highest.

Each of the sections of this vision statement provides us with clues to who we are and what we value. More than this it presents us with a blue print for success for our boys. The Vision Statement is deliberately divided into three parts which act as signposts for our Community on the path to ultimate fulfillment of the potential of each member.
1. Community/partnership
2. Catholic Marist identity
3. Embracing opportunity

The first part speaks of community and partnership. From my experience of working with young men it is clear that if boys feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to school they are more likely to reach their potential. In fact research has suggested that students who engage fully in the life of their school are also more likely to have better academic achievement, including high results, have better school attendance, and stay in school longer. Time and time again I have been witness to the fact that students who embrace all aspects of school life are generally the ones who achieve personal excellence. By way of example, recently at our College Dux Assembly I asked Dux of VCE 2013 Adriano Grosso what was his secret to achieving such an outstanding result. He simply said that it was about fully immersing himself in the life of school which gave him a sense of belonging and connectedness to Marcellin which ultimately supported him reaching his potential academically.

The first part of our Vision Statement speaks of learning, life and faith as foundational pillars of participation in our community. Parents play a vital role in supporting their sons in developing a sense of the equal importance of each of these aspects of the Marcellin Community. The more boys see their parents engage in a positive partnership with the College with regards to these pillars the more likely they are to do the same. Like all of us there are parts of belonging to a community that boys will embrace more enthusiastically than others. Through the provision of a strong partnership between home and school we can provide a consistent message to our boys about the benefits of embracing all aspects of school life.

Over the coming weeks I look forward to speaking in this space about each of the other two parts of our Vision Statement as together we continue to support our boys as they strive for the highest with virtue and courage.

Induction and Commissioning mass
I would like to thank His Grace Archbishop Denis Hart for leading our Celebration of the Eucharist at our Induction and Commissioning Mass held last week at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Archbishop Hart is a wonderful friend of Marcellin and of the Marist Brothers and he just so happens to be a product of a Marist Education.

I would also like to thank Rana Brogan, Director of Mission and Russell Melenhorst, Coordinator of Faith and Liturgy for coordinating the evenings liturgical experience and Adriano Di Prato, Deputy Principal, Nick Moloney, Assistant Principal as well as our Heads of school Melissa Mackellin and Mark Ashmore, our House Coordinators, Pastoral Leaders and Rachel Clarke, PA to the Leadership Team and Grace Florio, Ministry Assistant for supporting this significant event. Thanks also to Mrs Natalie Ciardulli, Transition Coordinator for her great work in coordinating the entire evening.  I would particularly like to thank our choir and musicians led by the Colleges head of Performing Arts, Nicholas Cowell for providing such a beautiful musical dimension to our celebration. Thanks also to the entire Marcellin Staff who joined us at this celebration.


Mark Murphy