Dear members of the Marcellin College Family,

Last weekend saw the final round of the AGSV summer season. At Marcellin we often take for granted that activities like sport just happen as they are an ongoing part of the rich fabric of the College. It is worthwhile therefore to take a moment to reflect on this valuable part of the College program and acknowledge the many people who have made it possible for our boys to participate.

Over fourth term 2013 and term one 2014 over 500 Marcellin students participated in the following sports: bricket, volleyball, swimming, squash and basketball. There is a large number of Marcellin staff who each week support our boys to participate in these sports through the organisation of after school training sessions as well as coaching and encouraging the boys during the nine Saturdays of the AGSV summer competition. I would like to thank each of these staff for their dedication and enthusiasm. These staff not only understand the value of providing these opportunities to our students but more importantly they understand the sporting philosophy of Marcellin. A philosophy that is founded on inclusiveness, participation and good sportsmanship. Thanks to the following staff:

John Meagher, Steve Barham, Emily Andrews, Luke Getson, Alan Boscacci, Susan Kiernan, Russell Melenhorst, Hugh Holiday, Jim Sheridan, Abby Alderuccio, Louise Cusack, Geraldine Lennon, Grant McHardy, Carolyn Easdale, Sarah Rossiter, Joshua Di Pietro, Anna Deane, Ivan Ivas, Liz Sullivan, John Bradley, Rebecca Carter, Melo Conti, Brett Atley, Chong Hin Law, Ben Reynolds, Siew Ean Lim, David Brick, Kevin Kelly, Erin Gamble, Russell Brock, Tyler Sherlock, Michael Fox, Anthony Arthurson, Andrew Bryson, Thomas Major, Jason Shulman, Candace McLaren, Steven Williams, Renato Malisani and David Moran.

I would also like to thank our parents who support this program. I know how difficult it can be on weekends juggling all our own commitments as well as our children’s. I am particularly grateful to the many parents who come and support their sons here at Marcellin and at other venues. Your presence adds to the wonderful sense of Community which enhances the experience for our boys and shows great support to the staff. Thanks to those parents too who go above and beyond in supporting the boys and their teachers through such things as scoring and providing food for hungry boys post game.
I would particularly like to thank the boys themselves for their enthusiastic participation in the AGSV summer sport program. I say to these boys well done. Through my observations of your participation I have witnessed good sportsmanship, fair play and a mature thoughtfulness in supporting your team mates. More than this you realise that your involvement in this aspect of the life of Marcellin College actually assists you in developing a stronger and more abiding connection to school which can lead to a more successful result in your studies at all year levels.

All programs and events of this nature don’t just happen. They require good leadership. Justin Abbott has been the Sportsmaster at Marcellin for many years and is dedicated to providing a rich and positive sporting experience for our boys. I would like to thank Justin for the calm, professional and efficient manner he brings to the organisation of this mammoth task.

Finally I would like to provide an example of why I love sport at Marcellin while also illustrating what is important to us in this Marist Community.

Last Friday evening I attended the final of the AGSV swimming Championships held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic centre. This evening saw the culmination of weeks of early morning training sessions as well as a series of carnivals against individual AGSV schools. Marcellin is not necessarily a school renowned for its achievements in swimming. Having said that our boys acquitted themselves very well with a number of firsts and placings. For these boys and the many parents who came in support of their sons where we finished in races or overall was not the most important thing. I was chatting to one young man for whom this was his first experience of the home of swimming in Melbourne. After a race where he had finished towards the rear of the field I asked him how he felt. He said, “This is awesome, it’s just great to be here.” This turned out to be the general feeling of all those who attended. Just being there in the company of each other and knowing they had participated to the best of their ability was enough. Thanks to all those who attended and a particular thanks to Alan Boscacci, Russell Melenhorst and Jim Sheridan who have braved the early morning training sessions to support our boys throughout the season.

On Saturday Marcellin participated in the final of the AGSV 1st Basketball Championship. I have watched this group of boys throughout the season and the feeling I got from our swimmers was the same as with this group of young men. They just love being out there in the company of their mates, supported by their families and the College. On this occasion as with the previous three finals Marcellin came out the victor over Trinity. This is a marvellous achievement and should be celebrated. Particular congratulations go to Ben Reynolds for his great leadership of this team.

There is no doubt that it feels good when we win. I believe here at Marcellin what feels even better and brings greater benefits is the building of friendships, Community and a strong sense of connection to the College. These are the things that last long after the thrill of victory has subsided.


Mark Murphy