All you need is love…
We all know a great love story has to have at least one relatable or engaging character. This is the character who pulls us into the story and makes us care about how things turn out for everyone in the end.

Christians are called to live their faith as a love story with God as the main character who wants a relationship with us (the other characters in the story); a relationship based on dialogue, trust, love and forgiveness. Here, in this Marist school, we encourage our students to write themselves into their own love story with God and with all of life.

St Marcellin Champagnat confidently felt God’s unconditional love and his primary motivation was to ‘make Jesus known and loved.’ He ‘saw God in all things and believed that all things came from God.’

~Water from the Rock, 63: A Marist Spirituality Document

So, what does this mean for you and your child?
It means, that while we recognise the varied rhythms and intensities, twists and turns of your son’s journey we will always offer opportunities for them to meet and know God. In our school prayers and liturgies and in our relationships with each other we can experience God’s presence and love.

We are a part of a Marist story of love and when it comes to love, there are no half measures. Characters who fall, fall hard. A wishy-washy love story is a forgettable one. A mantra handed down to us from Marcellin Champagnat is the need for all of us to love our young people and ‘love them all equally’; a most vital element of our memorable love story.

I invite you to take into your hearts the words our community regularly says at the end of our prayers.
Mary, Our Good Mother,
Pray for us
St Marcellin Champagnat,
Pray for us
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop,
Pray for us
And let us always remember,
To pray for one another