Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

Over the last two weeks I have attempted to provide you with an understanding of the identity, character and vision of our great College. I suggested that in developing knowledge of who we are and what we stand for we need to draw on the wisdom and clarity contained in the Marcellin College Vision Statement. This week I would like to present the third and final commentary on this pivotal document highlighted below.

Marcellin College is a Catholic Marist boys’ school that is the centre of a community of learning, life and faith. In partnership with families, we nurture our students as they grow from boys to fine young men.

We bring the Marist charism to all members of our community through the teachings of St. Marcellin Champagnat and the Gospel. We are a community where Jesus is known and loved, where each boy belongs and the dignity of all is respected.

We empower young people to embrace all opportunities spiritually, academically, physically, culturally and socially with determination to strive for the highest.

If the first two sections of our Vision Statement describe Who we are and What we stand for then the third and final part describes How we support boys to reach their full potential as members of the Marcellin College community.

At Marcellin we believe in the concept of multiple masculinities. That means there are many a pathways to growth toward manhood. We also believe that the more a boy feels connected to school and the greater his sense of belonging to this place the greater the chance is of reaching his full potential. Some boys find this pathway to manhood and point of connection with school on the sporting field, others on the stage in musical and dramatic performance whilst others still find their niche through other forms of self-expression such as the visual arts, design technology or debating. Many boys search for deeper meaning to their lives through faith programs such as Remar or self-fulfilment through reaching out to those in greatest need through ministry and social outreach programs. Some boys demonstrate a penchant for leadership as a means of self development and others wish to test themselves intellectually both in and out of the classroom through formal study in a wide range of academic disciplines or co-curricular academic programs such as the Da Vinci Decathlon.
At Marcellin we empower boys to grasp these opportunities with both hands in an inclusive way which encourages our students to simply have a go without fear of failure or judgement. Our only expectation is that whatever our boys decide to involve themselves with in that they attempt to live out the Marcellin College motto – Virtute ad Altissima – With Virtue and Courage to Strive for the highest.

To exemplify the many opportunities available to the boys of Marcellin to grow spiritually, academically, physically, culturally and socially I present a snapshot of the many events and activities of our College in the past week.

  1. Another valuable and successful Year 7 Camp where our boys participated in a huge range of activities designed to challenge and build relationships.  Great appreciation and gratitude to Brent Coviello, Melissa Mackellin, Natalie Ciardulli and all the staff and Old Collegians who supported the year 7 students
  2. The Year 7 reflection days Organised by Russell Melenhorst and the many staff and old boys involved.
  3. The annual Music camp – thank you to Nicholas Cowell and the music staff for supporting our boys with their ensembles
  4. Thank you to Sean Leubin and John Di Natale for hosting the China Program parent evening and a special a thank you to Sean who supported the Year 9 boys travelling to China on the China Young Leaders program by attending the orientation  camp for this event over the weekend.
  5. The continuation of the AGSV summer sports program.


Mark Murphy