Principal's Blog - 17 May 2018

14 May 2018

Dear members of the Marcellin College Family,

A number of years ago I wrote in this space that I love my job. I was very surprised by the reaction I received from many in the Marcellin Family. It was suggested by many that this feeling is a bit of a rarity in today’s society and they said that it gave them comfort to know that I loved what I do. Well I can tell you that this feeling has not changed. That is not to say that I don’t have some difficult days and that the challenge of leading a large learning and faith community doesn’t always come easy. But then again, many things which are worthwhile aren’t always easy to achieve. But in the midst of an often-complex environment my spirits are lifted regularly by the young men we serve here at Marcellin every day. Please allow me to provide a few of examples of my observations of Marcellin boys from the from the past week.

On Wednesday after school I had the privilege of escorting 6 of our Year 12 students to the Exodus community located in the Olympic Village area of West Heidelberg. These boys had chosen as their ministry option to assist the Marist Brothers who live in this community on their weekly bread run. This initiative supports those in the community by providing one of the staples of life which we take for granted. As we drove through the streets delivering bread I witnessed young men of compassion, maturity and empathy. Young men who realised that it wasn’t so much the act of giving bread to people in need which was important but the simple act of interaction and conversation, an action which many in this community don’t often experience. Our boys realised that their simple act of charity was a positive and powerful one for people whose life circumstance was very different to their own.

One lunchtime this week I was wandering through the Fourviere building when I came across three Year 8 students who were using their break from class to complete some of their artwork. When I asked them about their efforts they spoke to me with knowledge and enthusiasm about the type of art they were producing – some Warhol inspired pieces. More than this, they told me how much they enjoyed doing this work and how they felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction in completing it.

On Thursday I met with a group of Year 11 students who I will have the honour of accompanying on this years’ Cambodia Immersion trip. At our meeting each boy was asked to explain his motivation for wanting to be part of this outreach activity. I was in awe of their responses which spoke of faith, hope and a desire to serve those far less fortunate than themselves. They were also excited at the prospect of gaining new insight and understanding of people who live in a developing community as well as the prospect as to how this experience would help them to see the world in a very different light, one which they hoped would help them to group in faith and wisdom.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I attended our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. For this occasion, a video had been produced by the wonderful team in the Marcellin Foundation Office. The video featured students speaking about how they felt about their mums. I was amazed by the thoughtful and loving way our boys spoke about their mums. They spoke with pride, gratitude and admiration about the women who have raised, supported and loved them. On this note I wish to thank the gracious and dedicated members of the Marcellin College Community Association who generously gave of their time to deliver not one but two breakfasts to support the growing demand of families wishing to attend this wonderful event.

On Friday night, my wife Caroline and I attended the 2018 M2 Theatre Production of Blood Brothers. It was inspiring to witness the students of Marcellin and OLMC come together to present such a high quality, entertaining and well produced theatrical experience. I wish to thank all those students who worked hard to provide this wonderful experience to our community. I am especially grateful to the Marcellin staff who gave so generously and selflessly of their time and talent in assisting our students to shine on the stage.

These are only a small sample of the experiences of my observations of the young men and staff of Marcellin throughout the past week. Perhaps you can now more fully understand why I love my job so much!

Mark Murphy