Principal's Blog - 17 October 2019

13 Oct 2019

Dear members of the Marcellin College Family,

Last Friday I had the privilege of attending our annual Arts and Leadership Assembly. This significant gathering provided us with an opportunity to celebrate all the talents and efforts of our students and staff who have immersed themselves in the visual and performing arts here at Marcellin, to congratulate those who have received official positions of leadership at Marcellin College for 2020 and to officially farewell the Class of 2019 as they embark on the next stage of their lives.

What a marvelous celebration it was! I am very grateful for all those who brought to us this dignified, thoughtful, vibrant and enjoyable experience, particularly our Deputy Principal, Adriano Di Prato who along with Sean Kolednick, (Visual Arts Learning Leader) and Matthew Thomas (Performing Arts Learning Leader) left no stone unturned in presenting to us an incredible celebration and recognition of the arts at Marcellin College.

Below you will find my address to the community on this important occasion:

I have had the great privilege of visiting art galleries both here in Australia and overseas and viewing some of the art worlds’ most iconic and incredible works. I often look at these pieces and wonder what it takes to be a great artist. Is it purely the technical skills associated with painting or drawing or sculpture or is there some other underlaying ability that enables these seemingly ordinary people to produce extraordinary work?

So, I researched and I read and I reflected and I have come up with some of the qualities that may be part of the recipe for what makes a great artist.

A good artist needs to be persistent and resilient, knowing that success requires hard work. A good artist accepts that they are going to make mistakes, knowing that these mistakes often lead to moments of inspiration. A good artist is courageous, willing to take risks, knowing that often the only path to success is one which leads us outside our comfort zone. A good artist too is patient and disciplined, knowing that great art is often born of time, it is never rushed and it is carefully and patiently discerned.

Most importantly to be a great artist you need to be passionate about it and love it. Passion is the driving force that keeps you making art, even when there seems to be no reason for it.

Many artists too find their motivation in the spiritual and often from faith. They are inspired by the natural world and the human form, celebrating in their works the gifts of God’s creation.

It is fitting, I believe, to celebrate the artistic talents of our community on the same day that we induct and celebrate the College leaders of Marcellin for 2020. Because when you think about it, what I have described in terms of the qualities associated with a great artist can also be applied to great leaders. Persistent, resilient, courageous, patient, disciplined and passionate are all important qualities of leaders.

However, where art is often an introspective activity, inward looking which one completed through an examination of self, leadership is definitely about looking outward to the needs of others. To putting others before yourself and often carrying the weight of responsibility for a community of people. I think Jesus got it right about leadership when he said, I have come that you may have life and have it to the full. Through his life and sacrifice we can enjoy the fullness of life. As leaders, your role is to support this community to enjoy a fullness of life and a fullness of experience at Marcellin College.

Today on your behalf I sincerely thank all the student leaders of Marcellin in 2019 who have devoted themselves to making Marcellin College a better place for all. A place where each feels supported to be the best version of themselves they can be. I pray today for the new student leaders of Marcellin that they are supported by our community as they bring their own special gifts to the cocreation of Marcellin in 2020.

Finally today I wish to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of the Class of 2019. Six years ago I charged you with two important responsibilities; to grab hold of every opportunity afforded to you in this College and to look after each other. I thank you for the models you have been to this community. Over the last six years you have been preparing for this moment. The moment when you will leave this College and take your place in the world as what St. Marcellin would describe as good Christians and good citizens. You know too that they have not completed this preparation by themselves. Through the dedication, care and commitment of our staff and their parents, these young men have been provided a multitude of opportunities to prepare for what is to come. So that when opportunities arise, they will be able to grab hold of them with both hands. 

I am grateful, as I am sure you are, to the many teachers and staff who have walked with you, the Class of 2019, and sometimes even carried you on your journey of learning and faith here at Marcellin. I am sure that over the coming days, through word and action, you will show your appreciation to them all. 

Finally, as you officially depart our College these are my personal hopes for you as the graduating class of 2019…

That you be men of courage.
That you lead good and honest lives.
That you stand up for what is right.
That you walk tall and with confidence, enabling those around you to walk tall as well.
That you be faithful to your God given talents and use them creatively in service to others.
That you know you are loved and that you give love to others especially those in greatest need.
That you be brave and tenacious so that when you fail or fall you will be able to get up dust yourself off and try again and again.
Finally, that you know that you are loved by God and therefore you are never alone in this world.

On behalf of the Marist Brothers and the entire Marcellin College family, I would like to congratulate you on the many achievements you have made, the commitment you have displayed, the leadership you have shown, the care you have given and the faith you have lived in your time at Marcellin. I know that the entire community joins with me in prayer and solidarity as you embark on the most important period of your academic lives and remember gentlemen, wherever you go in the world and in life you will always be young men of Marcellin and you will always be welcome in this community. Good Luck gentlemen and remember always Virtute Ad Altissima!

Mark Murphy