Principal's Blog - 19 September 2019

16 Sep 2019

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

I Am A Teacher

Each week I have the pleasure of working with young people, each on their own journey in a quest to navigate this thing called life. All learning about their particular details. This week I had a number of encounters that reminded me of this privileged gift.

On Monday a group of Year 9 boys departed to participate in the six-week immersion experience in Yogyakarta as part of the Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesian Program. Two teachers have given up the three weeks of their time, their expertise and their family time to ensure each young man has a most positive encounter with self, place and the other. Two teachers are doing this.

On Wednesday I watched our AGSV Athletics team win the AGSV Championship at Lakeside Stadium, our second Athletics title, with the first coming in 1968. I watched the captain inspire his team to victory, breaking the AGSV record in the discuss event. A group of teachers have given of their time to instill a passion for the competition, for each other and for track and field sports. This group of teachers gave an interest in the lives of each team member, encouraging them to be their best. A group of teachers did this.

At that same event I watched as a student humbly received accolades from all those present for having his design selected as the official logo to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the AGSV. A teacher recognised his gift of design. A teacher encouraged him to enter his work into the competition. A teacher did that.

On Thursday my own Unit 4 VCE Visual Communication Design students submitted their folios and final presentations, much of which they commenced in late May. Each young man has focused on growth and improving their academic achievement based of continuous feedback from myself and their peers. Each student produced a body of work that is impressive, on brief and representative of hard work, trial and error and creative innovation. All I do is create opportunities for each to share their unique gift with the world.

We should never underestimate the far reaching implications of a teacher’s impact on a student, which are never ending. We must never forget the power we have to shape, and change lives forever.

There is no greater responsibility than raising a child. This requires a conscious connectedness with our truth and our compassion for the other. We are called to follow the internal compass of a pilgrim, ensuring we create encounters of learning for each young person in our care that move, motivate, beguile, challenge, intrigue and inspire. This is the value of a teacher and our impact.

Each week I witness teachers at Marcellin building connections of the mind and of the heart. I watch as teachers walk alongside the footsteps of each young person’s story. This active presence includes us in their most formative years. And a story where they will find real meaning about their particular details in the connections we make with them.

I am a teacher because I have a passion for life-long learning and an inherent believe in the profoundness of young people. My vocation allows me the opportunity to enter into the lives of young people and assist them in shaping what type of person they aspire to be. By sharing so much of myself I take on the symbolic role of storyteller and sense-maker. Hopefully through my example they gain an insight into their own possibility.

Why? Because I am a teacher.

I wish all members of the Marcellin community a safe and positive term break. I look forward to everyone returning refreshed and ready for the challenge of Term 4.

Adriano Di Prato
Acting Principal