Principal's Blog - 2 May 2019

30 Apr 2019

Dear members of the Marcellin College Family,

As the leader of a community founded on faith imbued with the desire of St. Marcellin Champagnat to make Jesus known and loved, I often wonder if we are making any sort of connection with our young men in this regard. Prayer, liturgy, social outreach, Religious Education classes not to mention the model of Christian service provided to our boys every day by the staff of our College are clear examples of how we present the faith context of Marcellin to our young men. However, I am often uncertain as to whether we are making any real difference to their faith and spiritual growth. But then every now and then I see genuine glimmers that gives me hope that we are supporting our boys to grow as members of a faith community.

Last week our Year 12 boys came together for our regular Seminar Program. The Year 12 Seminar Program is an opportunity for our senior students to discern aspects of life beyond Marcellin through a lens of our shared Christian faith. At the commencement of each seminar day we gather in prayer. Our students always participate reverently in prayer at this time but it was what happened at the end of the prayer which most inspired me. As our prayer concluded one of the young men put up his hand and suggested that as a group we should all take a moment to pray for the people of Sri Lanka who had been killed, injured and affected by the horrific events of Easter Sunday. He didn’t present with anger or outrage, he believed that the best thing we could do was reach out in prayerful solidarity to the Sri Lankan community. Equally importantly, his peers supported him in his request and together we offered a silent prayer for peace and love.

Often our first reaction to incidents of such as the attack in Sri Lanka and Christchurch is one of anger, followed by the desire for retribution. We know though, these responses only serve to perpetuate hate and intolerance. There is no doubt that those responsible for these atrocities should be held to account to the full extent of the law. However, what our wonderful Year 12 young man demonstrated was that we can respond in a way which can bring hope and light in the darkest of times.

On Sunday I was very pleased to see that my Parish newsletter had published a letter from the Islamic Council of Victoria reaching out in solidarity and prayerful support to the people of Sri Lanka. The letter, which can be read in full here, speaks of the Muslim communities devastation at the barbaric attacks on churches and other locations in Sri Lanka and offers its deepest condolences to all those affected. The letter goes onto state that the ICV President, Mohamed Mohideen, a Sri Lankan by birth, expressed the thoughts of many when he said…

“Our faiths teach us to love and not to hate. To my fellow Sri Lankans – Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims – let us unit to fight against hate and in support of one another.”

Let us all, at Marcellin, pray for peace and act for peace in our world through our own words and deeds and remember those simple yet challenging words of Jesus to love one another as he has loved us. A sentiment shared by all faiths.

Vale Michael Colosimo – Minniti

On behalf of the Marcellin College community I would like to send my deepest sympathies to the Colosimo-Minniti family, particularly Michael’s parents Peter and Cecilia and siblings Belinda, Dominic (Class of 2014) and Victoria, following the recent tragic death of their son and brother Michael (Class of 2012) following a motorcycle accident. Michael was an active and positive contributor to the life of Marcellin, particularly in the area of soccer where he gained a reputation as a determined and skilled goal keeper. Post school Michael embraced life to the full, fulfilling many of his ambitions in soccer and through travel. Michael was also in the process of completing a degree in Osteopathy, a long held and passionate dream of Michael’s to support people suffering from a variety of physical ailments. Michael will be fondly remembered by all at Marcellin for his energy, vitality, love of life and his fierce loyalty to his family and friends. The entire Marcellin family reaches out in prayerful support to Michael’s family and friends at this time of great sadness.

Eternal Rest grant unto Michael Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon him
May he rest in peace


Michael Colosimo-Minniti, (Far Left – Goal keeper) Marcellin College 2009 with his team mates and coach Alfio Camarda

Mark Murphy