Principal's Blog - 20 October 2018

14 Oct 2018

Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

Last Friday our College community came together to celebrate the significant place and value of Arts and Technology at Marcellin College. This assembly also afforded us an opportunity to officially farewell the Class of 2018 and to acknowledge and celebrate those students who have gained positions of leadership for the 2019 academic year.

Below I share my offering from this important assembly:

Good morning members of the Marcellin College family. It is great to be with you today as we celebrate Arts and Technology week, announce our new student leaders and officially farewell the graduating class of 2018.

I often quote the great social justice lawyer and advocate for the most vulnerable members of our community, Julian Bernside. When asked how he had planned his life to get where he is today, Julian said that he had never so much planned his life as he had prepared for it. He just kept preparing, kept working hard so that when opportunities came along he was ready and able to grab hold of them.

I think that is the essence of education. Sometimes we don’t know where we are going or why we a learning, or the usefulness or even the point of the things we are engaged in but if we keep preparing and preparing and working hard and giving our best to whatever is put in front of us eventually opportunities will present themselves and we will  be ready to take on new challenges. We can’t control when those opportunities may come or what they may look like, all we can control is our preparation.

Never has this idea been more relevant and truer than in the context we find ourselves in the 21st century. The world of work is moving and evolving so rapidly that we as educators are preparing you for future careers that don’t even exist yet. The experts say that the average person will have upwards of 7 career changes in their lifetime. Employers tell us that to thrive in a rapidly evolving, technology-mediated world, no longer are they interested in people who just know things. They are looking for people who are skilled problem solvers, who are creative, imaginative, entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, flexible, adaptable, relational, curious, resilient and persistent.

As I wander around Marcellin I see many of our innovative and creative teachers engaged with you in developing these skills. One place where opportunities to develop these skills abound is in centres of Performing and Visual Arts. In these learning spaces I witness our young men engaged not purely with the learning of the technical skills of playing and instrument or painting a picture but more importantly they are developing those skills I mentioned which will help them to access and engage in the future work place. I encourage you all to consider the arts as a learning area which does as much to prepare you for life beyond school as Maths, English or Science. Equally I can promise you that will learn lifelong skills which will bring you great joy and satisfaction.

Preparing for life beyond school can take many forms. I believe one of the most significant opportunities with regard to this preparation is to take on formal and informal leadership roles. Again, if we think of the skills I mentioned earlier, engaging in leadership helps us develop many attributes which can prepare us for life in the 21st century.

So, the message is keep preparing. Grab hold of all the opportunities you can. Expand your experiences whether it be in the arts or in leadership or other endeavours. I can promise you that they will all contribute to the man you will become and the future you will be able to access.

I’m sure our Year 12 boys know what I am talking about. Over the last six years they have been preparing for this moment. The moment when they will leave this place and take their place in the world as what St. Marcellin would describe as good Christians and good citizens. They know too that they have not done this preparation by themselves. Through the dedication, care and commitment of our staff and their parents these young men have been provided a multitude of opportunities to prepare for what is to come. So that when opportunities arise they will be able to grab hold of them with both hands.
I am grateful as I am sure you are to the many teachers and staff who have walked with you, the class of 2018,  and sometimes even carried you on your journey of learning and faith here at Marcellin and I am sure that over the coming days through word and action you will show your appreciation to them all. 

Finally, as you officially depart our College these are my personal hopes for you as the graduating class of 2018…

That you be men of courage.
That you lead good and honest lives.
That you stand up for what is right.
That you walk tall and with confidence enabling those around you to walk tall as well.
That you be faithful to your God given talents and use them creatively in service to others.
That you know you are loved and that you give love to others especially those in greatest need.
That you be brave and tenacious so that when you fail or fall you will be able to get up dust yourself off and try again and again.

Finally that you know that you are loved by God and therefore you are never alone in this world.
On behalf of the Marist Brothers and the entire Marcellin College family I would like to congratulate you on the many achievements you have made, the commitment you have displayed, the leadership you have shown, the care you have given and the faith you have lived in your time at Marcellin. I know that the entire community joins with me in prayer and solidarity as you embark on the most important period of your academic lives and remember gentlemen wherever you go in the world and in life you will always be young men of Marcellin and you will always be welcome in this community. Good Luck gentlemen and remember always, Virtute Ad Altissima!

As part of the wider Marist Family, I'd like to draw your attention to a wonderful initiative by Br Greg McDonald and the Marist Youth Ministry. A Young Adult Mass is being run at All Saints Parish in Fitzroy at the end of the month. For more details click here.

The CECV have recently shared with us an update on funding in Catholic Schools, and they have provided a letter to be shared with our families. It can be found here.

Mark Murphy