Principal's Blog - 24 May 2018

23 May 2018

Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

Every two weeks at Marcellin our College conducts tours for prospective families who are discerning the future education of their sons. These tours are always very well attended, in fact they are often booked out months in advance, which is very encouraging for us all. During the tours parents ask many questions about the educational programs we provide, the pastoral care system we employ and the co-curricular programs on offer at our great school. In recent times however there is a question which is consistently being asked by parents – What is happening with North East Link and how will it impact Marcellin College? I know too that this question has been on the minds of many of our current families.

Over the last 18 months I have been engaged in the process of ensuring that the interests and the voice of the Marcellin College community has been heard with regards to this significant project. I, along with other members of the Marcellin senior leadership team, have attended many meetings conducted by local councils and the North East Link Authority. I have also met personally with representatives of the Authority both during the options and design phases of the project and I have met with our local member, Matthew Guy and other political representatives to present the interests of Marcellin and to gain information and understanding about the direction this project is taking. Mr. Guy has been very supportive of our College during this time and has represented the concerns of our College in State Parliament. The North East Link Authority have been attentive to requests for meetings and information asked for by the College. My aim in all these meetings is to ensure the future viability of Marcellin College. 

The North East Link Authority has released some information in the form of concept drawings and written descriptions of what this project may look like particularly regarding the Eastern Freeway Interchange section of the North East Link. This information can be found on the North East Link Website I encourage you to access this site for a more complete understanding of the most current information on this project, but for your convenience I have reprinted below the main dot points on the Eastern Freeway Interchange represented on this website. 

  • The tunnel entry and exit for North East Link would be located south of the Veneto Club car park.
  • Ramps would connect to the Eastern Freeway in both directions. Bulleen Road would be raised to pass the ramps to/from Doncaster and Ringwood under it.
  • Bulleen Road would begin to rise from its existing level near the entrance to Marcellin College.
  • Where it crosses over the North East Link ramps, Bulleen Road would be raised by about 11 metres (to about the same height where it currently connects to the Eastern Freeway).
  • Bulleen Road would be kept open for local use. The interchange would also allow for the new Doncaster Busway to run in dedicated lanes, separated from the freeway.

These dot points suggest that the exit from the tunnels of North East Link will emerge on the site of the current front oval of Bulleen Park – opposite Marcellin College. They suggest too that Bulleen Road will remain as it is however it will be raised to allow the entry/exit ramps to the Eastern Freeway to pass under Bulleen Road. The raising of Bulleen Road will commence close to the main entrance to Marcellin. The Authority have assured us that access to the front entrance to Marcellin will not be impacted by this. Having said that I am concerned about the viability of the Sylvester Drive Exit to our College (Next to the Manningham Hotel) and will seek further clarification about the impact of the raising of Bulleen Road on this exit.

I also have concerns about access to the entrance of Marcellin during construction. Again, the North East Link Authority have assured me that access to the College will not be hindered during the construction phase.

I encourage all members of the Marcellin Community to voice any concerns they have about the project to the North East Link Authority and to your local members and Manningham Council. I will continue to keep you informed of any further information I receive in relation to this development as it comes to hand.

Mark Murphy