Principal's Blog - 30 May 2019

27 May 2019

Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

Last week our staff attended our annual Marist Formation day held at the Catholic Leadership Centre in Melbourne. We are very blessed indeed to work for an organisation which is totally committed to the development of its staff as educators of faith within a Catholic Marist context. The day consists of a number of input sessions presented by our friends from the Marist Mission and Life Formation team as well as opportunities for staff to share with each other elements of the own faith and life journey.

From my perspective, apart from the valuable learning gained on this day, of great value too was the opportunity our staff had to engage with each other away from the daily rigors of school life and reflect on why we do what we do for the young men of Marcellin College. In essence, that is what the day is about - the why? It is really at the core of all our places of work really, isn’t it? If we can’t take time every now and then to remember the why of what we do for a living and take time to reflect on whether we are staying the course of that why then perhaps we should try something else for a living.

This week we will be gathering together with many of you to discuss our new learning eco-system, Polaris, which will be implemented over three years commencing in 2020. In many ways this is another opportunity to stop as a community and reflect on the why. At the very heart of this program rests a deep understanding of who we are as a Catholic Marist school for young men. It is my hope that what you see, hear and read in the pages of Polaris resonates with you as authentically aligned with the identity of Marcellin College.

In this regards I would like to emphasise some of the words from the Polaris document which was provided to each family and is also available on our College Website. (The following is taken from page 9 of this document)

Marcellin College celebrates faith, life and culture:
We believe that we foster an inclusive, relational and hope-filled learning environment that has the mission of the Catholic Church and Marist characteristics at its centre. We value the inherent gifts, contributions and uniqueness of each young man in our community as we make Jesus Christ known and loved. We empower each young man to follow in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagnat in becoming a good Christian and an optimistic global citizen through opportunities to encounter self, place, God and the other.

This small paragraph is the very heart of Polaris. It is the touchstone from which all other aspects of this program come from and which all are tested. This is an exciting time at Marcellin and I look forward as together we continue to seek out opportunities to assist our young men to grow to become good Christians and optimistic global citizens.

Mark Murphy