School Improvement Plan

The College is committed to continually moving forward as a 21st Century faith learning community. Each year we publish an Annual Action Plan that sets key goals, targets and strategies towards becoming a sustainable educational setting.

Our current School Improvement Plan for 2014 – 2017 underpins each Annual Action Plan. The 2015 Annual Action Plan can be viewed via the link at the bottom of this page.

Education in Faith

Goal: To deepen the school community’s faith journey within the Catholic tradition and the Marist charism.

Intended outcomes:

  • That the variables of Catholic culture continue to improve.

Learning and Teaching

Goal: To provide learning and teaching programs that foster lifelong learning, developing the skills necessary for all members in our community to connect and interact with the real world.

Intended outcomes:

  • That student learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy are improved.
  • That learning outcomes across Years 7-10 are improved.
  • That VCE and VCAL outcomes are improved.
  • That student engagement and ownership of learning is enhanced.

Student Wellbeing

Goal: To enhance student wellbeing by building resilience and empathy in an engaging and safe learning environment.

Intended outcomes:

  • That students will develop resilience, independence and motivation for their learning and personal development.

 Leadership and Management

Goal: To sustain a staff culture that is characterised by a shared vision, a strong sense of team work and a focus on continuous improvement.

Intended outcomes:

  • That the performance and development culture of the college is strengthened.

School Community

Goal: To continue to build an inclusive Catholic Marist school community, informed by social justice and fostering opportunities for partnerships with parents, alumni, and the broader community.

Intended outcomes:

  • That communication and partnership projects with parents, alumni and the wider community are enhanced.

2017 Annual Action Plan